Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Physical Theatre Workshop and plans for Autumn

Kasia's running a Physical Theatre summer school for a couple of weeks in August and I've decided to take part. There's a couple of reasons.

Firstly I'm feeling in need of a bit of sharpening up. It's over a year since I last attended a practical course and the best way to renew your teaching is always to return to being a student for a little while.

Secondly we're team teaching the Theatre Games and Spontaneity module for the first year students arriving in Autumn and working together for a fortnight will really give us a chance to tune into each other strengths and hopefully make that course a bit special.

I hope it's not a hint but, since I've declared an interest, Kasia's found every opportunity of inviting Trevor and me to her fitness club, mostly it has to be said to put in place the planning for next year, but I'm also beginning to ache from all the badminton we've played in the last few days.

Some great ideas are beginning to come out. A fantastic Shakespeare project for second years in December - turning the theatre into the forest of Arden and the Waldegrave Drawing room, if we can prise it away from conferencing, into Queen Elizabeth's court at Richmond. Flash mobbing scenes all over the college. Montagues facing Capulets in the refectory, Once more unto the Breach on the rugby pitch etc etc... installations, plasma screened sonnets, meta texts, caper cutting, Shakespeare for Children workshops, music, food etc... A bit of a festival all in.

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