Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Yard Gal we a run ting!

Some students don't half get their act together quickly. Stef O'Driscoll, who graduated in the summer, has been putting herself and her work about a bit and has a three week run of her production of Rebecca Prichard's Yard Gal opening at The Oval House in October.

The play was originally a collaboration between the writer and Clean Break Theatre company, and with the right creative team works as a fast paced, theatrical piece of vernacular storytelling.

Two more of graduate students, Monsey Elliot and Steph Di Rubbo, will play Hackney yardies Marie and Boo.

Stef originally put her production up as her third year directors piece in the Spring and we knew it was special - but to have sorted out both the funding and convinced the venue to pick it up is a major achievement. She sent me a brief email yesterday suggesting that we teach all future students how to fill out arts council funding forms and I could sense the relief she feels being back in rehearsals with the booking finally tied up.

We'll get another chance to see the work here at St.Mary's as Stef is going to bring it back for a one off performance as part of the Induction week festival weekend on 26th September.

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