Friday, 14 November 2008

Lighting Box Blues

As well as the wonderful review, Yard Gal is also Critics Choice in Time Out this week. A new matinee for Saturday was swiftly arranged and sold out in minutes. The show really now has a buzz and vibe about it.

I went over to The Oval last night, but - despite having phoned daily for returns - still didn't have a ticket. In the end, with no returns on the night, Stef stuffed me into the lighting box with Stage Manager Emily and LX operator Penny. It was cramped, but beggers (or disorganised lecturers) can't be choosers!

It's the third time since April I've seen the piece, each time in a different (and more prestigious venue) and it's inspiring to see what started out essentially as an assessed piece of student work has blossomed and grown into this tight and popular production. As well as creating the a marketable piece of work, Stef has a solid sense of the plays social possibilities and tonight a group of excluded kids from Hackney were in the audience, the girls will run follow up workshops next week. They've done similar work throughout the run.

Clean Break, who originally commissioned the play, were also in tonight, alongside programmers from the Hackney Empire, and the Blue Elephant in Camberwell. The Oval have already offered the girls another run in February - but I think Stef wisely wants to move it on again.
Stef's a director of huge promise. She creates exhilarating productions and encourages dense and intelligent performances from young actors. For her next project I think she needs to find an equally pyrotechnic writer to work alongside. She could be a force to be reckoned with.

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Rosie said...

I'm going to be in that box on saturday! ive heard how small it is!