Sunday, 14 December 2008

Turning them Away...

It's been a terrific weekend, back in Ham House. The weather may have lost it's pale glow, replaced by miserable drizzle and soggy foggy chill, but it's still marvellous to be off campus and pulling in a crowd.

I love walking up the long drive to the house in morning mist, gathering with the company for coffee and biscuits in the staff kitchens before heading off to sell the show to the families who've come to these Winter open days

I was nervous returning to the work, yesterday, especially when the company fell (I think that's the right word) in, fresh, but non too fragrant, from Friday's College Ball. To give them their due, if the students did feel worse for wear, they certainly masked it in performance, giving a sell out audience - we turned twenty away (including some St. Mary's students) - a great show.

Today was Leon and Christine's last shows(they're both unavailable next weekend) and they went out in real style. In fact the whole company continues to do itself proud. When Ham's regular face painter failed to show this morning, Lena and Carolina stepped smartly into the breach and saved the day - knocking out 50 or so tigers, spidermen, butterflies and dragons in just over an hour before they had to go and set up the props and lights.

The show is so popular - all the tickets had gone 45 minutes before curtain this afternoon - that we're looking to meet demand with a second house for the two remaining gigs next weekend. By that point we'll have rehearsed in a new Prospero and Gonzalo.

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