Thursday, 8 January 2009

Spiralin' & Student Offer.

Third years Kat and Mark have just come back from Northern Spain where they've been working with Spiral, a theatre company who use their process to raise and investigate rural issues in the La Rioja region.

They gave a fascinating and hilarious talk back this afternoon part adventure story, part evaluation of their trip. Despite some wonderful cultural confusions what shone through was their admiration for the work that the company does.

Amongst many other projects, Spiral are using forum theatre as a means of advocacy, working alongside villagers and other community groups to look at ways in which the area can rejuvenate itself after a period of depopulation and economic statis.

The Spanish government are looking to bring tourism into the area through the opening of a bio diverse national park, which might transform the area, bringing a new level of prosperity. Equally, of course it brings a sense of threat to tranquility of an indigenous local community.

This kind of community issue seems to be where forum theatre can really tease out fears and underline potential obstacles. It's empowering and democratic work. Much more vital than a newsletter or paper consultation exercise.

Tina has been involved with Spiral for a number of years, both in Spain and here and I'm hoping we'll be able to develop and cultivate further placements and projects with them in the future.

.... Other News. Stef O'Driscoll has just sent this through.

As part of this year’s 33% festival (see image above) Oval House Theatre are offering all St Mary’s drama students a special two for one ticket offer for The Unfortunate Love Of The British Empire: if you call the box office on 020 7582 7680 or book online at and use the word ‘EMPIRE’, you will get two tickets for the price of one concession ticket, that’s just £5.

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