Thursday, 5 March 2009

Third Year Directors

First night of the third year directors productions and some very good stuff on show.

First up was Vicky Barnes production of Jim Cartwright's Two with very strong performances from Becky Smith and Michael Blyth. Vicky showed a sure touch in the directing doing most things right and the piece flowed entertainingly from scene to scene, the actors confident and secure with what they'd been asked to do.

Second up was Nikki Flynn's stylish production of Liz Lochead's adaptation of Medea. Again strong central performances from Lara Cronshaw, Danielle Sykes and Mark Moffat and Nikki had clearly worked hard to ensure that the power of the language was supported by strong voices. The work certainly had gravitas and although occasionally I wished for a gear change I really admired the purposeful way the cast told the story.

Last up was Jenny Jayne's production of Polly Teale's After Mrs Rochester - a tough piece for the round - but huge commitment from the cast, particularly Lindsey Meadows and Chantal Koning who invested heavily in their roles, fully inhabiting them and rewarding the audience with some excellent work.

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