Saturday, 16 May 2009

Tiger Lillies and Fisticuffs.

After another positive day of building and experimenting with the huge puppets the students have created for the show I went over to the New Players Theatre under Charing Cross station to see the Tiger Lillies in their late night cabaret.

As a band they're hard to describe a kind of Post-Weill punk castrati three piece on the brink of violence and insanity. Tonight they played songs from Shockheaded Peter, the show they performed ten years ago with Improbable, which shot them to infamy.

I wasn't really on it though and rather slipped through the show, which compared to some of the taboo breaking stuff they've written in the last couple of years, lacked a little bite. At the end there was a fight in the auditorium as a drunk man, who'd talked incessantly through most of the set was challenged by the woman in front of him. It quickly descended to insults and fists, leaving the poor Tiger Lillies, shorn of their manic personas and edgy demeanour, to stand meekly at the front of the stage and ask everybody to buy a CD and go home peacefully.

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