Sunday, 6 December 2009

Cup Cakes and Hats.

We learnt a lot from yesterday and today the storytelling really flew. Over 500 people came through the house and I think nearly all of them had a great time. Jess, Emily and Jayne are working with the youngest children who come into the house and have developed a hat story game where the audience see how many hats can be balanced on an elf's head. It causes lots of laughter when they eventually topple off and many stay to play again and again.

We risked being overrun at one point which meant in desperation I was signed up for face painting duty. The first little girl who came wanted an angel.

'On your cheek?' I asked
'Noooooo... I want to be an angel.'

I wasn't sure what angels look like to a six year old child, but I guessed pinks, blues and whites might be involved. Two minutes later I'd created something that looked more like the French flag than a celestial being. The girl was very brave though and refused to cry, even when I showed her what she looked like in the mirror. I sent her next door to the balloon modeller to get some wings. The next little boy wanted a Ben 10 drawn on his cheek. Unfortunately lack of cultural understanding meant I had to be withdrawn from the front line at this point, much to the relief of students, children and parents alike.

Property Manager Gary seemed delighted with the day and treated us all to a box load of sugar sweet cup cakes which we shared out in the kitchen after hours.

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