Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ham is Starting to Happen.

We've started to put together the working teams for the Ham house birthday celebrations in May. The project is potentially huge and we're going to have to be right on our game to make it happen. Zoe, Jennie, Charlotte and Hannah explained some of the work we'd undertaken in Spain and the group quickly began to see and buy into the possibilities of the procession as a way of gathering and managing the 3,000 participants.

Patsy's already made great progress in identifying the choirs who will support the final singing of Happy Birthday - but our job will be to create not just the procession into the space, but equally to try and find small forms of entertainment to keep everybody alive and happy in the build up. The whole event has to be fun, light and full of joy.

We quickly negotiated roles - design, fundraising, events co-ordination, house liaison, press and publicity. We also added two new roles this year -Siobhan will take on internal liaison (to make sure that everybody within St Mary's gets to hear about the event and is offered the opportunity to get involved) and Claudia will film the process - in the hope of making a short documentary of the preparations and the event itself.

It's time to hit the go button.

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