Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Bang to Rights.

Early morning briefing with Katie, Andy, Emma and Matt in preparation for the community safety day the week after next. The forum play has shaped up well, but with PC Phil and his colleagues in attendance we were given a really great opportunity to tidy up the few remaining concerns we have over the protocol and authenticity of the work. We've only got 45 minutes with each of the groups so we have to get it right.

Phil showed us a couple of different approaches to stop and search. I asked Matt to play difficult and I think we were all astonished by how quickly and expertly he was cuffed and arrested for his trouble.

We tried out a range of different options and some of the variations that we've discovered through the weekend rehearsals and Phil patiently showed us how he'd deal with each. For the most part we were spot on, but none of us realised quite how physically close a police officer gets to a suspect when questioning them. Phil demonstrated how this proximity stops whoever he's talking to from taking a pop at him - it just allows him to block. We stayed for a good couple of hours but came out feeling that we'd done our homework. We're going to dry run the piece for a five or six of the first year tomorrow lunchtime.

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