Saturday, 27 March 2010

Comedy Pirates

Up to The Pirate Castle in Camden tonight to watch Jennie and Emma complete their comedy course with five minute sets in front of a live and critical audience. This is the shake down from a year of work we've been involved in with The Comedy School starting last September with our Freshen Up induction gig. I'm really delighted that two of our students took the plunge in what has to be one of the hardest disciplines to master and boy were they good value!

It was a fantastic night with fifteen young and not so young comedians on the bill. Jen was up third and hit the ground running with a sparkling set about her Liverpool roots and life at Uni. She was the first of the acts to really unite the whole crowd. She's always been a fantastic story teller, but it was wonderful to see her lift her game and reach out to a room of strangers who'd yet to properly settle into the mood of the evening.

Em had to wait a little longer, with her set coming towards the end of the evening. It must have been nerve wracking in the extreme watching act after after come out before you, but she didn't disappoint and although at one moment lost her place she came back fighting with immense charm and a healthy touch of ambivalence, quickly winning over the audience and storming through to the end. A complete triumph.

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