Monday, 19 April 2010

Accidental Death of an Anarchist.

An astonishing show from the Drama Soc tonight in Studio 3 bringing back to life this dated Dario Fo play with verve, energy and commendable stamina. On the back of some excellent work prior to Easter there's little doubt now that the society is well and truly established in the life of Drama St. Mary's and has positioned itself as a genuine asset, offering those students who prefer putting on plays to eating or sleeping a chance to do it. They're not just geeky enthusiasts either - the quality of the work is very good.

At the heart of Lindsay Clark's excellent production was a fantastic solo performance from Mikey O'Neill who held the stage for near on two hours without missing a beat or wasting a gag. I haven't seen a student do that with such aplomb in the four years I've been here and he was ably supported by James Docherty, Matt Dennis, Gaz Wilson and the brilliantly understated Jo Winter who all, in different ways, did their bit to keep the ball in the air and the laughs coming from beginning to end.

As with all great comedy the actors had the energy and investment to stay one step ahead of us, playing with a huge generosity of spirit and a real understanding of the play. It's clear through the apparent ease with which they delivered that rehearsals had been thorough and productive. It's great to see the standard of acting and directing being raised high. Viva Drama Soc!

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Nora Helmer said...

here! here! It requires a focused company to play the nuances of comedy, as well as valuing the role of the 'straight guy'. This production strives and aims to achieve this balance. I hadn’t laughed that much in ages.
Very Impressed.
John Cleese, Jim Carrey stand aside...
Louise Burns