Sunday, 9 May 2010

Box Hill and a Stylish Dream

A Sunday of watching Level 2 work. Firstly out to the gorgeous Box Hill to see the Applied Theatre's site specific show. The team have had rotten weather all weekend, including a washed out matinee on Saturday but - despite the unseasonal weather - seemed in good spirits.

We could have done with a bigger and younger audience for this afternoon, it's hard to release your participatory inner child in a group of self-conscious adults, but I still enjoyed the work and could see how a kids audience might have a wonderful time. The story was simple and playful.

Back on campus to see a stylish Dream by the Theatre Arts students in the theatre. The stunning design referenced both Peter Brook and Adrian Noble's notable RSC productions, but also drew on the Disney and Dream works to create a safe and childlike environment for the players and audience to share. It was intimate, cosy, light and underscored constantly with soothing music.

The acting was uniformly good, but I was particularly impressed with Sarah Marr's carefully nuanced Helena and Claire Austin's revelatory Hermia. In everyway it was a reassuring production.

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