Saturday, 31 July 2010

Callow Cuts and Mo

Everybody back in to the theatre this morning for a final read through before we take the Tender Souls script to press. We're trying to glide along like a swan, but whilst I'm in one room with Eleanor and the writers trying to smooth out the last of the technical clunks. Creative Learning Manager Jane are upstairs in the office proofing and trying to second guess how the overall work might be received. I had a little wobble when I thought we might be about to try and get approval for the play from some of those represented - which risked taking the whole delicate thing to a compromise committee and there's a little bit of poker being played over trims and cuts, which I'm not always helpful over - but in general we're all moving in the same direction and I think very happy with how the script looks.

A few of us took a break from negotiations to slip into the circle and see Simon Callow, who the writers had interviewed in the week, perform his one man show. The Man from Stratford.

I found it difficult and rather dated as a concept. Simon uses two hours make links between Shakespeare's plays and his biography (told - of course - as Seven Ages.) It was more a readers digest lecture than an theatrical event and for all Simon's personal charisma and the occasional firework I couldn't help thinking it all rather fusty, academic and obvious. It's off to the Edinburgh festival now, where I'm sure it'll make pots of money.

Wonderful news this evening as St.Mary's Mo Farrah won the 5,000 metres at the European Championship in Barcelona to add to the 10,000 metres he one earlier in the week. He's still an outsider for Olympic glory in two years time, but his star seems to be rising at the right moment. We're all very proud of him.

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