Thursday, 18 November 2010

Filtered Shakespeare.

Down to the Rose to see Filter's striped down version of Twelfth Night which has been doing the rounds for a few years now. Like Blasted it was originally directed by Sean Holmes, but in tone it couldn't have been more different. This was anarchic, playful and tremendous good fun; completely in the spirit of the kind of misrule which is so joyfully championed in the play.

I can't ever remember the revelling being so inclusive and boisterous as tequila and pizzas were handed out amongst us and the music got louder and louder. In this context Malvolio's intervention came as the most personal of affronts and there was never any doubt from that moment on that we were all responsible for putting him in his place. It was childish, but so rewarding.

As you might expect from such an enjoyably petulant attack, much of the poetry and lyricism of the play was lost - but I don't think for a moment that the production aimed to catch all and the subversion and silliness seemed very welcome on a cold winter's evening in Kingston.

I was really pleased I finally caught it.

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OnlyLostBunny said...

All of this stuff looks fun. but its hard to be an actor or even get to act