Friday, 17 December 2010

Sleeping Beauty.

Off with Patsy to a reception at Richmond Theatre and a chance to catch an early view of Sleeping Beauty. Most of the staff were on schmoozing duty with the mayor, councillors and VIPs, but it was good to have a brief catch up.

The show itself was ridiculous silly fun and I loved every minute. Top of the bill was shotgun speed gag meister Tim Vine who kept the show moving with great charisma and skill. He was ably supported by Anita Dobson as the wicked fairy queen complete with hologram dragon and a fine range of bashed out old Queen hits. It was kitsch, it was cringe, it ultimately left a lot of people going home with smiles on their faces.

At one point five kids were brought on stage and handed goodie bags. Tim then interviewed them.

'Now by the magic of theatre you can ask for what ever you like up here on stage', he said, winking at the parents, 'and you'll get it. Now what would you like?'

'Can't think!' said the first.

'Anything at all,' said Tim. 'What about a pony?'

'Already got one.'

'Oh yes, I forgot for a minute we're not playing Sunderland are we?'

The happy ending prompted the best gag of the night when confronted by the perfect nuptials Anita moaned - 'will nobody marry me?' To which Tim replied 'Brian may.'

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