Sunday, 6 February 2011

Blustery Bushey Park

Spent the morning putting together the final version of Jog On! The forum theatre play that we're putting on for community safety day at Twickenham Stadium next week.
The students are doing a really good job with the work and I'm really pleased with how its shaping up. Most of the work has been focusing on improvising new scenarios for the characters, expanding out in ever increasing circles from the universe which we've created. Much of this work is then dropped - which is a sign that we've got the fundamentals spot on. Nothing is wasted, however, as all these improvisations go to strengthen and deepen the actors understanding of the roles and relationships in the play as performed and, as is the nature of forum, you never know when a member of the audience will take you into a new situation. The more we as a company understand what might be around ever corner the more likely that we'll offer an honest development to the story once the audience become involved.

Eleanor met me after work and we headed off to Bushey Park on our bikes for a blustery picnic. Although I've been here for five years I've not really explored this part of Teddington before, apart from driving down the central avenue to Hampton Court, and hadn't really understood how large the place actually is. We cycled round through the many small gardens, fenced woods and copses until eventually the wind dropped and the sun came out. It felt as if spring might not be too far away.

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