Saturday, 23 April 2011

Golden Ham.

It's been another glorious extended weekend. The first of two back to back bank holidays. Some of the students have been working hard at the community Easter events at Ham house. The marking is in and it's now just the productions to get through before the end of another academic year.

We went out for a walk in the Ham lands in the early evening light. It was exquistely beautiful, the river turned to gold, sparkling and dancing. The sky cloudless and as unnaturally blue as a 70s polaroid. Although I've lived here for nearly two years now I've never quite got my barings in the paths and tracks between the estate and the Thames; the curve in the river making it almost impossible to judge the way.

The lands are alive with wildlife: foxes, parakeets and herons. In a previously unexplored section we found a badger's set amongst the dried reeds.

It's almost impossible to believe you're anywhere near London as you wander through the deserted woodland, with only the gentle sound of the river lapping against the bank to guide you.


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