Sunday, 12 June 2011

York in the Rain.

Out of Patterdale early and back to reclaim the car in Keswick and a journey back South. We headed East at first over the Pennines to hit the A1 and head down to York for a whistle stop look round. Unfortunately it was bucketing down with rain so we found ourselves running through the streets, up the Shambles, and into Stonegate to see the carved chained red devil and grab a posh cup of tea in Betty's.

By late afternoon the weather had cleared enough for us to walk the walls back to Micklegate, where the heads of traitors were displayed, and make our way back towards the Motorway.

I'd like to spend some more time in York, perhaps if the Corpus Christi project takes off next year I'll have an opportunity to spend some more time this way, trying to trace the route of their cycle. As a town it seems to retain a slightly sceptical view of the renaissance and deep in it's heart you sense it's never quite forgiven the usurping Tudors. This is white boar country, waiting for the medieval period to be freed from the accusation of being a dark age.

Dropped Eleanor at Leicester station and headed back into Rutland, where I'm spending the next couple of weeks working on When the Wind Blows with Chris, Tina and an exciting team of technicians and actors, including El Glayu, an Asturian group, who also arrived today. Just enough time for introductions before turning into bed. Work starts tomorrow.


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