Monday, 12 September 2011

The Number 10 Courier Service.

The new students have arrived and suddenly the place comes alive again. Lovely to see the 2nd and 3rd years coming up to the Drama corridor to check their new timetables and help out the new recruits. It won't be long until firm friendships develop.

This afternoon Matt and I had our first meeting with level 3 to kick start their third year company module. They get an office, £250 quid start up and off they go making theatre, booking venues, touring their work. Next week they'll present their plans for the year and from then on the stabilisers really will come off as they try and bridge the gap between the safety of the University and the realities of surviving as freelance practitioners. It's an exciting, if nerve wracking step forward.

Matt himself has had an exciting summer with the Foreign Office requesting a copy of his verbatim play developed at Drama St Mary's, The Robben Island Bible, to give as a gift to Nelson Mandela for his 93rd birthday.

Matt was back in Indiana at the time and had to hurriedly FedEx the script from Indianapolis. A few days later Matt's having a coffee downtown, picks up a copy of the Indianapolis Star and sees a picture of David Cameron handing over a bag of gifts to Desmond Tutu. So he speculatively sends off an email to his contact at the foreign office to make sure his present also arrived safely - only to find that the present in the bag was the play itself. Apparently the plan had been for David Cameron to present the gift in person, but had, had to fly back a couple of days early and so left it in the care of the Archbishop.

You couldn't make it up could you?

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