Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Stagger Through.

Back in after the long week end and after a morning of music with Ben, who's done an absolutely terrific composing Victorian music hall type tunes for shows four songs, we got ourselves set for a first stagger through.

We're two and a half weeks out now and in normal circumstances we'd be comfortable. The problem with Cabbages and Kings is that it's really hard to find time when everybody is available and that means doing what you can, when you can, with who you can. For the next few days I've got the main company. We need to really get our work tight and consistent, so that once the Level 1 students return from their holiday at the end of next week we can slot them easily into the work.

After that we need to squeeze in rehearsals for the band and find time for the actors to get used to the out sized props that are periodically entering the rehearsal room.

It wasn't a bad first go at the play and I could see the actors make new connections and start to spot the rhythm of their own individual journey through the piece. I try and solve problems as they arise, but, as with all site specific work, we need intelligent actors, with a sophisticated sense of stagecraft, who can exploit the open space and understand how to create presence. It's not easy, but I can see some of the company begin to get a feel for what's required.

Meanwhile Ben has borrowed Kasia's accordion and has gone home to learn how to play it.

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