Wednesday, 25 June 2008

MA Directors at BAC

The MA shows are now in full swing at Battersea Arts Centre.

Each of the directors get a small budget, rehearsal space and a slot and have to put up a piece of work. For the entrepreneurs in the group it's a liberating experience and really gives you a hands on experience of working with budgets, actors, venue and production team. It's a bit of an adventure to work out how to manage your time and resources

Some of the graduate and undergraduate students stay on to support the work, taking on technical or stage management duties - which offers them another opportunity to be out and about calling shows in professional venues.

The pick of this years work looks like being Peter Darney's production of Jonathan Harvey's Beautiful Thing which opens tomorrow.

Elsewhere in the department Kasia has gone back into rehearsals devising a show which, through stroytelling, is exploring the effects of migration on Poland and England. She's working with five of the graduates on the project. They had a week's exploration in Poland earlier in the month and are now focusing on making the work ready for shows in London and Cambridge in the Autumn.

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Anonymous said...

I'd certainly agree about the Entrepeneur element to the whole project.
I know that some of the directors began their journey as early as last July and had pioneered their pieces all the way to the final performance.
I could see it was liberating for all involved when the director manages to run a tight ship and pulls of a great piece of theatre.