Friday, 13 June 2008


Went to the subterranean vaults of Southwark Playhouse last night to see Matt's production of subUrbia.

All of the staff at St.Mary's are encouraged to continue our professional practice by picking up industry work as and when we can. I think it's really an essential part of keeping our own practice fresh and I hope this in turns benefits the students. We kind of have to know what we're talking about, becuase we're doing it beyond the Uni.

subUrbia's a strange piece written by the performance poet Eric Bogosian and transposed smartly in this version from his native Massachusetts to Norfolk.

In essence it's a light satire on being twentysomething and desiring the comfort of companionship whilst similtaneously wanting to be seen as a unique risk taking, misunderstood bohemian. In Bogosian's world this uncomfortable mix comically breaks down into dysfunction and childishness. The writing works best when the pathos is at its most explicit.

For all the playful fun the ending is top heavy and full of moral recrimination, which felt unnecessary, given the light touch given to the earlier scenes. A sledgehammer to crack a nut?

Matt did a top job though particularly as he was parachuted in to the project late and with more time running in the space I'm sure the actors will find their mark.

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