Thursday, 14 August 2008

Blogging the Blogger

I'd assumed that things chez the Hahn's would be calmer post-wedding. I was wrong. The photos at the church hadn't come out well and so Matt and Aida slipped back into their wedding garb and off we went to restage the event with me charged as photographer.

It was great, so much more relaxed than the pressure of the big day and we spent about an hour making sure we'd got some beautiful images. Then, because it seemed fun and we were all dressed up, we ran around town taking lots of informal shots - doing the washing up, filling the car with petrol, with policemen, the fire brigade, in front of the Soldier and Sailors memorial in the circle. Heads turned everywhere - especially in Steak n' Shake, where many of the staff came out from the kitchen to shake their hands and wish 'm well.

We'd had a plan to take a smiley photograph next to a Vote Obama poster and then a miserable one next to a Vote McCain - as we were on the look out we spotted a huge bus with Obama's logo on the side parked down a side street off Meridian.

It seemed a great opportunity so we popped out and knocked on the door to ask permission.

'Sure,' said the startled intern sitting in the front 'I'll just go and see if I can get some staffers out to have their photo taken with you.'

First out was Glen, Obama's regular driver -now on bus duty whilst his man takes a break in Hawaii. Then to our suprise out stepped former presidential candidate Howard Dean and actor Kal Penn (none of us watch House regularly -so we didn't have a clue who he was! - but it did earn us a lot of respect from Matt's teenage cousins at dinner in the evening.)
Dean is an interesting figure and although he blew his opportunity to run against Bush with an uncontrolled moment of triumphantism four years ago I think he'll have a footnote in the annals of political history for being a pioneer of the podcast, text message and blog. Now all campaigning politicans use these methods of communication, but Dean was the first. True to form, by the time we'd ridden home. The story was on the Democrats website.
Very pleased with the new photos.

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