Saturday, 4 October 2008

The End of Everything Ever

Another Friday and another show in our newly refurbished theatre. This week NIE brought their beautiful The End of Everything Ever - the third part of the European diaspora trilogy that they've been developing since 2001.

This is the story of Agathe Rosenbaum and her journey on kinder transport from Berlin to England in 1938. It's completely told from her perspective giving us the honesty and charm of a child caught up in confusing world events. Despite the menacing backdrop of the Krystallnacht this is a show full of humanity and humour.

The work played last year at the BAC and NIE have recently returned from an off-Broadway run in New York, next week they begin a European tour, so it's wonderful that they found the time to bring the work onto campus.

The mood in the theatre has changed - maybe the material, maybe the act of passing through a posh foyer, or most likely because the show was so fantastically tight - but this was an intelligent and mature audience. They didn't just whoop and holler indiscriminately at the end, as has sometimes been the case, but warmly applauded. There was a post-show Q & A with the companies director Alex Byrne, which everybody stayed for and engaged in.

These are small signs, but very encouraging.

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