Sunday, 5 October 2008

Winter comes to Twickenham

The weather's changed. It's cold, dark and rainy. Twickenham though is a great place to hole up on weekends like this.

There is a fantastic circular walk along the river. From Twickers you head down Cross Deep, through Radnor Gardens and along Strawberry Vale til you get to The Anglers.
Here you cross Teddington lock, onto the Surrey bank and following the current back towards London come through the Ham lands, past Ham House and Petersham nurseries (were they make fresh peppermint tea) on into Richmond. You can cross the bridge here and take the Middlesex bank back into Twickenham, past Marble Hill and Orleans House, down the foggy lanes to The White Swan and the sculptured river nymphs in York Gardens.

From here you can go and snoop around the artists studios on Eel Pie Island or head for dinner on Church Street. All in all it's a good six miles and providing you take in a couple of the pubs on route is a perfect Sunday afternoon.

I've done the walk in all seasons, but wrapped up warm, in crunchy leaved Autumn always feels the best and on a cold day arriving for a glass of wine in a warm place with warmer friends is as close to Eden as it gets.

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