Friday, 13 February 2009

John Kani and Future Projects.

It been a busy day at work. Matt has heard back from the RSC and things are looking good for a special reading of the Robben Island material at the Richmond Theatre as a kind of pre-show for the The Tempest - which the company are co-producing with the Baxter Theatre of Cape Town and touring to the theatre in March with Tony Sher as Prospero and John Kani as Caliban.

It's a huge coup, particularly as John has agreed to participate and as the day moved on it became clear that a bit of a story was developing with both The Daily Telegraph and the Andrew Marr show making enquiries about the project.

Richmond Theatre are being brilliant in helping to arrange the event and the next stage is to do some editing and structuring of the transcripts to create a tight half hour or so of material.
This is the busiest time of year for the department. The second round of collaborators shows are in the theatre and they'll be swiftly followed by the third year directors pieces in a fortnight's time.
Next Tuesday we have a rehearsed reading of Irish Flames, a play by local playwright John Waller and Kasia has just taken Howard Barker's The Possibilities into rehearsal with the third year acting company.
A bit further down the line will be the Chiswick Park project, an in-house Physical Theatre production of The Visit, Ian's Vagabond Flag launch, the MA Directors productions at the BAC and Los Banditos, who are going to take Destination GB up to the Edinburgh Fringe in the summer.

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