Friday, 20 February 2009

MA a Go Go!

Great news at the end of the week with Kasia's MA Physical Theatre (International Ensemble) course going through external validation. This means that from September we're able to run the course and add to the department's portfolio.

The new degree will focus on a one year training for practitioners from all over the world who will come to London and form a company for a year. Half of the time they'll focus on skills acquisition based on the European tradition of Jaques LeCoq, Phillipe Gaullier and Monika Pagneaux and for the rest they'll work towards productions to be shown at the BAC or the Pleasance up in Islington.

With support from our friends at NIE it's a completely unique course and the hope is that through practice based research will create new dimensions and approaches to visual storytelling.

We've already had great interest in the course and Kasia can now begin the audition process in earnest.

Meanwhile this afternoon Stef and the cast of Yard Gal came in to do a short workshop and Q&A with the first year. It seemed to go quite well particularly the Q&A which helped to unravel some of the motivations behind the team's passionate commitment to the production and gave some suggestion of alternative approaches. It's been a real fast year since the show was first performed last March and Stef's aware of the need to move on now. There's only so long you can dine out on your initial reputation. Finding the right play or project is proving more tricky, however.

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