Sunday, 26 April 2009

Open Day at Ham

Drama in the Community went over to Ham yesterday to support their open day and advertise The Shrinking World of Kalku. It was good to catch up with our National Trust friends Gary and Jorge and we had a relaxing day, most of the team face painting the children whilst Dan, Matt and Amir taught some of the braver ones how to twizzle Poi sticks around without getting smacked in the face.

The house is at it's most magical at this time of year, with the kitchen garden in full bloom and layers of wisteria falling in folds over the walls. I defy anybody to pass by without stopping to take in a huge top up of fragrant air. Whenever I'm in the grounds I find myself filled with new energies, ideas and plans and yesterday was no exception. It's a place for dreams not consolidation.

Before leaving I made sure to fix a meeting to discuss plans for next year. I'm beginning to wonder if St.Mary's could provide a year long resident company of actors interested in exploring through public performance, living history, and happenings heritage, tourism, architecture and re imagination. It's good to get out.

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