Thursday, 23 April 2009

Wednesday Night at the SU.

Drama in the community organised a really successful night at the Student Union to fund raise for the Chiswick House Project or The Shrinking World of Kalku as it is now called. It was a really good exercise in keeping things simple.

Most of the team had called in favours to keep costs down and they all took responsibility for hosting the event. About two hundred students turned up and were entertained with two live bands, some dodgy belly dancing and Dan's fantastic, if a bit scary, fire juggling. We also raised some additional money by Sonu offering henna tattoos and Simona and Amir hosting Shisha pipes, brought back recently by Emma H from Egypt.

Usually on a Wednesday night the Union offer cheap transport take students off to McKlusky's night club in Kingston and we'd been expecting a bit of a exodus to proceedings when the buses rolled up, but lots of people stayed and the party went on until the early hours. Best of all the students supplemented the production budget by over £500.

There's been an active debate this year about how best to use the Union building. With many students preferring to head for the brighter lights, drinks promotions and relative anonymity of the established clubs down the road, its place as a centre for student activity is sometimes questioned, but last night did show that there is a strong community of students on campus, who might enjoy the local, if it were more imaginatively run.

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