Monday, 12 October 2009

Ebbs and Flows.

I've really enjoyed the start of term. The Level one students seem, in the main, to have settled quickly. The Level two are up and engaging in project work and Level three seem ready to take a positive lead. It's the first time we've had dedicated cohorts for Applied or Community Theatre across the years and I'm trying to think of ways to harness the energy of the seventy or so students so that we can actively pursue all of the projects. The new tutor group arrangement seems to be nipping any potential problems in the bud and this is allowing us now to focus much more of our time and energy on planning and delivering really exciting courses.

My new house has rapidly become an office extension and the big kitchen table now houses regular planning and production meetings, as well as the hosting the occasional meal for the underfed. I like the flow of it all. Tina and Al came round on Thursday night at the end of their marathon teaching day with all 100 first years, for food and a catch up. Carolina, carrying warm fresh bread from the German bakery, rolled up on early Friday morning on the way to our session at Ham House and afterwards, that afternoon, Stef O'Driscoll and Matt came over to do some further planning on the Bosnian short stories we're hoping to develop next year. All ideas are nurtured with either coffee or wine, depending on the time of day at which they appear.

It's beginning to feel like a really creative working environment - with plans and ideas finding the right working group and companies contacting us all the time to offer work placements or opportunities.


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