Thursday, 15 October 2009

New Girl At St Mary's and news.

Charlotte, Zoe, Ed and Briony went off to an Amici workshop at the Lyric last night and came back full of excitement for the work. Zoe's blog gives a flavour of the evening and I hope this initial contact will lead to some more exciting opportunities for our students.

The third year Drama in the Community students have all begun to blog their experiences, particularly of our Friday morning sessions at Ham House. Their links are in the left hand margin of this blog.

Patsy has also begun her blog New Girl at St Mary's, which I'm sure will give a very different view of the department's work. Hooray!

There's so much going on just now - projects in Spain and Malawi to follow through. Offers from Amici, Kingston Youth Arts festival, a health care trust in Wimbledon, Richmond Crime Prevention Unit and all of the work with the National Trust to pull together. Not to mention Matt's ongoing work with the Robben Island project, Kasia's Lost Banditos and new MA preparations ... as well of course as the in house productions, the teaching and learning.

Popped into Al, Paul and Tina's first year Production course to see some really impressive tech work from Level 1. As usual Al had them marshaled and learning fast on the job whilst Tina and Paul chipped in, correcting, supporting and giving expert advice. Exciting to see how much has been picked up already in three short weeks.

Afterwards I had a long chat with Orode, she's heading up the Schools Based Project for this group which begins after Christmas and is already putting in a lot of thought about the scope and potential impact. I'm seeing signs that this cohort are up for a challenge.

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