Monday, 8 August 2011


Back in London and things have kicked off over the weekend. A stand off in Tottenham turned into a mini riot, which spread last night to Enfield and Hackney and by this evening several pockets of London seemed to have been taken over by looters.

It made it hard to get to Leviathan rehearsals we had to gingerly pick a route through South London to Tower Bridge - with news coming through all the time of problems in Croydon, Lewisham, Peckham and Clapham. All seemed quiet on the Isle of Dogs, but a few of the company arrived feeling worried and gloomy about the night ahead.

It's a strange situation feeling that London is on the edge of rebellion and unable to prevent the spread of violence and theft as it moves like a wildfire across the city. Something unreal about it happening on the doorstep.

Adam worked the company hard tonight - to finish putting the show down, ready for tomorrow night's dress rehearsal and to begin with all seemed to be going well. Unfortunately about an hour in Teresa got a call on her mobile to say that rioters were gathering on the corner of her road just a couple of miles north from us in Bow. She made her apologies and went home to protect her house.

Although we carried on, the mood had changed. Most of the company wanted to stay and work but there was a creeping feeling that things were going on beyond the rehearsal room that we'd all do well to be aware of. We finished at 10pm and drove back to Ham, via a number of diversions, sirens wailing all around. Adam will make a decision in the morning as to whether in the current chaos the project can go ahead.


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