Wednesday, 10 August 2011

To Napier's Yard.

Things seem to slowly be coming under control, which meant that despite a cancelled dress yesterday tonight's show could go ahead. A couple of the cast dropped out, preferring to stay in rather than venture out onto the streets, but most of the company gathered early to try and cram in some last minute rehearsal before the audience arrived at 7.30pm.

Lines were reallocated, a couple of work experience students were swiftly kitted out in stove pipe hats, waistcoats and given half an hour to learn a couple of verses, but the overall feeling was one of fun and defiance.

The cast set themselves at strategic points along the Thames path. A couple of lads in hoodies on push bikes cycled up and down before finally finding the courage to ask what was going on. I guess in the age of flash mob the line between civil disturbance and street theatre has narrowed significantly. They seemed happy enough with the idea of a play and decided to hang on to watch.

There was a decent turn out and Claire launched us off at the gates of The Space conjuring an image of the ship towering above the rooftops, blocking out the evening sun as it rose from the dock across the way. Rav picked up the story describing how the West Ferry Road would have looked back then, before leading us on to Donna and Charles and Rada. Each member of the cast adding a little more of the story as we inched closer to the old yard.

Using side streets and back passages the cast overtook the audience so that when David and Pete guided us round the corner, the whole team were revealed frenetically working in the space. It was a wonderful sight.

The Leviathan project has been great fun to be around. I wonder if it might be a the basis for a larger piece of work.


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