Saturday, 31 March 2012

Building a Teapot.

We've moved into the theatre to begin building the large set pieces for Cabbages and Kings. Jethro began work on a screwing together a large stack of wooden chairs which, eventually, with the help of a pile of discarded sleeping bags become the caterpillar's toadstool.

Meanwhile hundreds of cardboard cakes, which will be used to set dress the trees, were being put together by a team in Tina's cabin. Elsewhere an oversize jam tarts, rose bushes and soup tureens began to take shape.

Two huge photographic frames were put together and sprayed. Some of the first years, who will, as a chorus of giant chess pieces, carry them from scene, came in for a practice.

In the foyer Katie, Tina and Jordan inflated a huge weather balloon, which was initially coated with tissue paper and sticky clingfilm, before being paper maiched, to form the round bowl of an enormous teapot.

Heather Leigh, who's playing the Dormouse, kept coming over for a nervous look. It's certainly big enough for her to be stuffed into.

There was a really cheerful atmosphere to the day. A good time to break from rehearsals and turn our minds and hands on job of set building. Smells of paint, glue and coffee and a real sense of excitement as ideas are given life.

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