Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Valley of the Blind.

It was the Level 2 Physical Theatre production of The Valley of the Blind in the Drama St Mary's theatre tonight a clever adaptation HG Wells' short story of a Nunez, a Colombian mountaineer who, whilst attempting to summit the unconquered crest of a fictitious Ecuadorian mountain slips and falls into the valley cut from the rest of the world on all sides by steep precipices.

The isolated citizens of this land have been blind for many years and have absolutely no concept of sight. Nunez at first thinks it'll be easy to conquer the tribe, but with their other sense's sharpened he is no match for their dexterity. He does however fall in love with the Chief's daughter and although to begin with the tribal elders refuse the wedding, on the grounds that Nunez is a ranting fool obsessed with an imaginary activity called 'seeing', they do eventually agree providing he consents to have his 'diseased' eyes put out.

It's a fascinating parable brought vividly to life by the ensemble company who play both the blind and a pack of saucy Llamas who nonchalantly comment on whole saga as they graze the mountainside.

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