Tuesday, 4 August 2009

...And Back!

Lost Banditos must have been very thoughtful. I didn't hear then come in at all after a first night out... but I did have to climb over somebody's dishevelled heap wrapped in a duvet on the hall floor as I let myself out of the flat at first light to turn the bus home for the long drive back South.

'The bed's free!' I whispered, but the heap just let out a loud lion-esque growl, shifted a bit and fell back into slumber.

The sun rose as I headed across the borders and into Cumbria. We came up the east Coast, so I returned via the Lakes.

Lost Banditos have managed to get themselves a residency at the Point Theatre in Eastleigh from September. It'll give them a production office and the chance to build on this show. It makes success in Edinburgh (or at least notoriety) quite important. Kasia's asked me to do some research on a show about the gypsy population in The Balkans, which I need to consider. I'm already thinking of putting together some work with Matt and Stef, adapting Sarajevo Marlboro' - a collection of short stories based on the city's siege in the early nineties. Would doing a joint project with Lost Bandidtos focus or distract this work?

... and so I headed back to base.

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