Monday, 17 August 2009

Sun in the South. News in the North.

It's gorgeous here. The hissing of summer lawns. Cabbage white butterflies in the rose gardens of Pembroke Lodge and huge moths at twilight on the towpath. Sparkling lights on the river and the whole of the terrace at Richmond riverside a sea of sausage red English flesh, sizziling nicely and covering every blade of grass.

In Edinburgh things also seem to be going well for Destination GB and Lost Banditos. I saw them for about two seconds on the BBC's Culture Show last week running crazily about the Royal Mile and clearly very much part of the fun. The reviews have started to come out and they also seem pretty good. I spoke to Paul on the phone this afternoon and he said that they're selling out nearly every show - fantastic news!

Here's some links. The reviews in The Stage, The Scotsman and Hairline.

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