Thursday, 27 August 2009

Ham Sandwich!

Well after a summer of waiting around for lawyers, estate agents, money to telegraph, land registry to make a decision as to which garage should be mine - I'm finally the proud owner of a house sandwiched between the Thames and Richmond Park in barely disturbed Ham. German Bakeries, the stomping Ham Lands and flocks of green parakeets, swooping from tree to tree.

The last two days have been manic, first up to Stratford upon Avon to clear the flat that I bought over ten years ago, and moved out of fairly soon after, abandoning it to a string of tenants. Some salvage of things I'd forgotten I'd ever had, but most of the stuff to the dump. Very cathartic.

Then a second pack up and scrub out of Twickenham, interrupted by a string of prospective new tenants caught half way between excitement at projecting themselves into the flat and embarrassment at intrusion into space not quite cleared (I suspect we're meant to feel nostalgic about moving - I used to, but I don't at all any more.) - and so now with all my gear safely stored in my new uncontested garage I'm going to forget about it all and pop off to Spain to see Spiral and have, finally, as summer draws to a close, a week of fun. I'll move in and settle when I get back. It feels like I'm starting University all over again - September always seems to me to be the most expectant month.

Matt and Aida have also moved and so whilst I had the van I helped move some of their stuff to Shepherd's Bush. We all ended the day, close to midnight, eating burritos from a Mexican takeaway underneath the Westway - can't wait to be able to cook in my own kitchen again.


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