Monday, 7 September 2009

Back to London.

I'm back in London now... but I hear Sunday's show went really well. On Saturday night we all trooped into the plaza with the lanterns, the children threw hundreds of invites to every corner and Carol stood on a bench to retell the myth of Icarus to the promenaders and diners in the alfresco cafe bars. Finally in a cliff hanger ending she announced that the next day another dramatic story would unfold itself on Piedrahita, no less than the very history of flight! She's a natural performer and charming storyteller, who improvised her script from beginning to end, never missing a beat.

The intervention was magical and drummed up a huge crowd of all ages who whooped and applauded. I really admire the way this moment of disturbance was understood as enrichment by the village, rather than an anti-social or irritating threat to an evening out. There is room for a little chaos and an occasional demon in Spanish life; an acknowledgement of our right to address each other publicly in a big unifying playful game. A mini carnival of mischief.

...and that is where I had to leave it. Sunday morning gave me an hour to help hang para gliders in the trees before I was driven back to Avila to start the long journey home and a new academic year!

Once again Spiral gave me a week of fun, learning, great conversation and laughter, whilst never knowingly underfeeding me!!! All the important things in life packed into one too short week! I hope I'll be back in Spain very, very soon.

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