Friday, 25 September 2009

Funny Friday.

A great evening to end the week. We had a drinks party for the freshers after classes during which Ian ran a quiz, which revealed some fairly ugly competitive traits amongst most of the lecturers (fancy getting upset for failing to name the nine countries that border Germany!)

In the end, in a desperate bid to maintain control, but to the delight of the students, Ian had to disqualify both staff teams for over aggressive appealing and suggesting that the external examiner should be called in to decide whether it could be agreed that Chekhov wrote a play spelt 'The Three Sitters' !!!!

We rolled on to the theatre for Freshen Up! The first stand up night hosted by the Uni. It was a great success, very funny and a nearly full house. Eighteen year old wunderkind Ahir Shah compered and did a great job setting the crowd up for Andi Osho, Jo Ogden, Rob Grant and headliner Alex Maple (see pic). The comedians seemed to really enjoy themselves and all of them overran. As an event it's definitely got legs and I hope we'll start to see some independent work develop from amongst the students. It's dead easy to scratch a five minute set over a lunch break and the work gives us a completely new flavour.

Many of the students disappeared off to the SU's foam party, but a few stayed behind to talk to the acts and celebrate Rob's birthday with beer and a cake. Although Rob has had phenomenal success as the creator of Red Dwarf, he's fairly new to stand up and was very happy to have played the gig.

'That was great' , he said 'I think I'm ready now for a small global tour... of Herefordshire!'

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