Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Eight Foot Laura.

It doesn't take much to find yourself back in the swing. Last year was for the most part a successful beginning to the new degree programmes and now we're trying to find the thin line between consolidation and expansion to make sure we build on what we've got.

The game is still to find ways to equip students with the skills to make them independent theatre makers and practitioners and one of the key components of that is to create a department that feels both energised and proud of itself.

There's also a growing sense that Drama St Mary's, for all it's good work, isn't as visible on campus as it could be and that the time has come to broaden out a bit and attract new audience and support for our work from the wider University community. We need to hit the ground running. It's only just over a week until the freshers arrive.

Next to the theatre is a big unused white door, perfect for an eight foot high billboard. So we called in second year Laura for a photo shoot and with the help of our friends in marketing managed by the end of the day to mock up a big, bold design, visible from reception, which will dominate the piazza in front of the chapel. I hope it's a sign of our growing self confidence.

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