Thursday, 27 January 2011

Apocalypse No!

Off to the Trafalgar Studios to see Lara in the latest Barbershopera extravaganza Apocalypse No! As ever it's crazy, fast paced, silly, slightly out of control and extremely entertaining, good fun. The Wizard of Oz meets Monty Python.

This time God summons four dastardly horsemen to unleash total destruction on the world, but unfortunately Beth, a primary teacher, fighting OFSTED and the merger of her village school with a more results driven techno-college, is mistaken for Death and becomes accidentally coerced into helping Famine, Plague and War to fulfil their mission.

Time spent with Beth, of course, is a deeply humanising experience for the harbingers and they reveal their true colours. War is a bit of a wuss, Famine likes nothing more than a good meal whilst Plague has an almost OCD about cleanliness and won't touch a thing without his marigolds.

Through a breathtaking hour and a half of trials, tribulations and four part harmonies Beth eventually even manages to persuade God, quite literally a holy cow, that goodness does exist amongst the humans, saving both the planet and extra curricular activities in the process. Warmer hearts all round.

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