Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Minack Morning.

Tuesday 4th January 2011

Last day in Cornwall and with Eleanor beginning her research in the museum I headed into Penzance this morning to pick up supplies for the journey back and ended up escaping from a squally shower in a low sofa coffee house with a newspaper as my thoughts began to turn towards the new semester. The main focus of which is The Canterbury Tales.

Back in Porthcurno I picked Eleanor up for lunch and we climbed the cliff up from the beach to the Minack Theatre - my second visit in under twelve months. Once agian I tried to find out how we'd get a touring show down here, but it seems a fairly closed shop for now. It's such a beautiful place high above the sparkling sea and it'd be marvellous to bring a company down for a week one summer. Eleanor had found some old playbills and programmes from the entertainments performed on the cabling ships to pass the time. It'd be amazing to find the scripts or even the stories of the men who wrote and performed them. Starting point for a show in the theatre?

This evening we waded across the dark and boggy fields, getting lost once or twice - led astray no doubt by the local knockers - to Treen and a warm meal by the fire in The Logan Rock Inn. It was a cosy way to end the festive season. Back to St Mary's tomorrow.

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