Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lamorna Cove

Monday 3rd January 2011.

Up early to catch the low tide walk out to St Michael's Mount in Penzance bay. It's another National Trust property and the perfect fantasy location for stories of pirates, smugglers, lost and founds, monarchs and shipwrecks. It's no wonder that Trevor Nunn chose the location to film his version of Twelfth Night a decade or so ago.

The site was pretty much closed up for Winter and only a few hardy wrapped up travellers had made their way across the blustery causeway. Still it's a beautiful place full of possibilities and ideas. Another venue to dream of.

We headed back through the town and had lunch in a little harbour side cafe in Newlyn before another walk through Mousehole and out over the clifftops for a couple of miles to the seclusion of Lamorna Cove, where you can sit on the sea wall and watch the waves lap below. On the way we met an amazing robin redbreast who, affronted at our trespass into his territory, by turns puffed out his chest, dived bombed and hopped after us to make sure we were on our way. His brave antics delayed us and we arrived to find the coffee shop closing up and the sun beginning to dip. So back to the welcome lights of our now beloved Mousehole for fish and chips we went, hugging tight to the path in the darkness.

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