Saturday, 11 September 2010

Brooming Horses.

One of the plans for the coming year is to put together a fun packed portable production of The Canterbury Tales in partnership with the National Trust that we'd tour to properties between here and Canterbury next Spring. Again we'd look to be hosted at Ham House, but there are several possible outlets for the final work, including a promenade around Strawberry Hill, the Kingston International Youth Festival, we could even take it down to Spain.

We need some decent funding to enable the tour to really work, which we'll look into over the next couple of weeks and I need to talk to Patsy about some of the music and choral work that I'd like her to work in. Today though I had a first chat with Tina as we tried to find a way to create horses for the pilgrims. I really like the silliness of hobby horses and we spent some time experimenting with creating our own out of broomsticks, working out different lengths of rein so that actors have some control, but have to work hard to maintain it.

The broomsticks of course give us lots of playful possibilities for other creations, structures, buildings, de marked spaces and providing we're imaginative and thoughtful could give us the basis for a whole design. The main priority of the production will be to take away any fear that our students have about working directly with an outdoor audience. They're going to need to be bold, fearless and charismatic. Post War Horse, it's the only way we'll get away with it.

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