Saturday, 25 September 2010

Freshen Up!!!

The end of freshers week and a decent crowd in to watch the stand up in the theatre. I thought it was a better show than last year and it was particularly exciting to see Jennie and Emma Boz, who were bursary beneficiaries from last years box office takings doing five confident minutes each. Emma's been gigging a bit, since her debut in Camden earlier this year, but for Jennie is was the first time back on the horse after several months. They both did great and hope other students will follow their pioneering spirit and take up places on the training courses that The Comedy School offers this year.

The bulk of the night was taken up by two great acts - one from the Hannah George (above) who went down really well and seemed to relish every moment followed by a brilliant Felix Dexter set. He twisted and turned, sensed the mood of the audience and tailored his material on the spot to keep everybody in hysterics - including a wonderful edgy five minutes on the dangers of having the Pope as your support act. In the intimate environment of the theatre it was a real lesson in knowing your stuff and adapting your set to keep the connection fresh and vital.

I'm hoping we can really develop a regular comedy night at the University - although I think it's time to move into producing the work in partnership with the Student's Union, rather than keeping it within the narrower confines of Drama St. Mary's. Siobhan was in the audience tonight and seems keen to start that process.

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