Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Plans for Spring.

It's been a good week for looking forward. On Monday I had some really good discussions with Chris from Spiral, whose over here for a few days to meet with the organisers of a big community project in Rutland next Spring. There is every possibility of us getting involved with it. This was followed up by a long chat with Yell looking at ways in which we could be part of the International Youth Festival in Kingston next July.

Today I was back in Ham House putting together some ideas for Christmas, looking at maybe preparing a larger bid to give our work some sustainability over the next three years and exploring potential venues for The Canterbury Tales in May. It was a really productive meeting and I'm beginning to see how the project might shape up with shows in Sutton House, Hackney, in Ham itself and then out somewhere in Kent - either Nymans or Bodiam Castle (see above) would be ideal. There's also the possibility for all three years on the Applied Theatre course to be involved with Level 3 producing, Level 2 performing the work and Level 1 putting together an accompanying programme of workshop and educational projects.

In many ways it's the kind of project that we envisaged being able to create three years ago when we first laid out the Applied Theatre programme and it's exciting to think that we're only a few months away from bringing it to life.

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