Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Through the Stages.

The final part of the Richmond 110th project tonight with Through the Stages, the exhibition curated by community volunteers officially opening at Richmond Museum.

It's a really rewarding way for the theatre to end its year long programme and the team have done a brilliant job, not only in collecting and sorting the material into a coherent chronological narrative, but also in way they've installed the work giving both a busy feel of backstage clutter and a sense of nostalgia. Every spare inch of wall is taken up with some forgotten treasure or faded photograph, with a few carefully chosen artifacts to break up the wall displays and add a more visceral sense of the theatre's history. It's also lit it really well, the panels and cabinets spotted with sharp focused birdies to give a sense of drama to the space.

The place was packed and nearly everybody stayed for the full two hour reception, which I think is testimony to the sheer amount of interesting stuff to see, read and play with. They should be very proud of themselves.

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